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Savage Mountain Farm
Meyersdale, PA

Ben and Hana Yoder run a diversified farm in Somerset County. They raise several species of livestock on pasture, along with produce and mushrooms. As a multi-species operation, Savage Mountain Farm can take advantage of a variety of ecological strengths. The sheep and cattle graze the pastures, the poultry provide pest control, creating high-quality fertilizer along the way. The pigs happily control invasive plants and make muddy wallows that become microcosms for wildlife. Savage Mountain Farm was the 2020 recipient of the Farmraiser Grant, which they used to build special farrowing huts for their sows and piglets. Read more about their project on our Farmraiser Grant page.

What They Raise

• pastured pork

• pastured chicken

• pastured eggs

• pastured turkey

• grass-fed beef

• grass-fed lamb

• pastured rabbit

• produce

• mushrooms

How They Do It

• pigs are rotated on pasture

• all other livestock are part of a multispecies rotational grazing system

• rabbits are kept in bottomless "chicken tractors" to protect them from predators on pasture

• no hormones or steroids

• no subtherapeutic antibiotic use

• no beak-trimming (poultry), tail-docking, or teeth-clipping (pigs)

Where to Buy

• Community Supported Agriculture

• Farmers markets: Ligonier, Cumberland Downtown Mall, Frostburg City Palace, Berkeley Springs (WV)

More information about Savage Mountain Farm can be found at

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