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Peas and Quiet Farm

Bulger, PA

Chad Christopher and Ashley Gruden raise pastured pigs, pastured chickens, and grow produce. As permaculturalists, their practices emulate natural processes: their laying hens regularly enjoy spreading mulch to increase the organic matter content of the soil below, and their pigs happily help clear brush in the woods, giving Peas & Quiet the ability to plant fruit trees and other productive plants.

What They Raise

• pastured pork

• pastured chicken

• pastured eggs

• produce

How They Do It

• raised on pasture, woodlands

• no hormones or steroids

• no subtherapeutic antibiotic use

• no beak-trimming (poultry), tail-docking, or teeth-clipping (pigs)

Where to Buy


•Direct from farm

More information about Peas and Quiet can be found at

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