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Burns Angus Farm

New Wilmington, PA

Burns Angus Farm
Herd Habits
Rolling Pasture
Red Angus
Room to Ruminate
Taking Cover
Curious Cows
The many faces of Burns Angus...
The Three Moo-sketeers!
Burns Pastured Lamb

John and Audrene Burns raise Angus cows and pastured lamb on their 550-acre farm in New Wilmington, PA. The cows are rotated year-round between the beautiful, wooded pastures, with more than enough room to roam, and constant access to the creeks. The sheep are also on pasture in a single group, keeping the ewes and lambs together. They do not use chemicals on their fields, nor hormones or antibiotics in their cows and sheep.

What They Raise

• 100% grass-fed beef

• 100% grass-fed lamb

How They Do It

• rotational grazing of cattle

• pastured year-round

• never fed grain

• supplemental feed is grown on the farm

• no hormones or antibiotics

• no tail-docking

Where to Buy

• direct from the farm stand at Burns Angus Farm

Naturally Soergel's in Wexford

Natural Options in Grove City

• select farmers' markets in Green Tree and Ellwood City (seasonal)


For more information about the Burns Angus Farm, visit their website at

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