Burns Angus Farm

New Wilmington, PA

John and Audrene Burns raise Angus cows and pastured lamb on their 550-acre farm in New Wilmington, PA. The cows are rotated year-round between the beautiful, wooded pastures, with more than enough room to roam, and constant access to the creeks. The sheep are also on pasture in a single group, keeping the ewes and lambs together. They do not use chemicals on their fields, nor hormones or antibiotics in their cows and sheep.

What They Raise

• 100% grass-fed beef

• 100% grass-fed lamb

How They Do It

• rotational grazing of cattle

• pastured year-round

• never fed grain

• supplemental feed is grown on the farm

• no hormones or antibiotics

• no tail-docking

Where to Buy

• direct from the farm stand at Burns Angus Farm

Naturally Soergel's in Wexford

Natural Options in Grove City

• select farmers' markets in Green Tree and Ellwood City (seasonal)


For more information about the Burns Angus Farm, visit their website at www.burnsangus.com.

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