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Our Standards

Farms must meet the following standards to be recommended by us:

  1. The farm must serve Southwestern Pennsylvania or be located within 100 miles of Pittsburgh.

  2. The farm must sell their products directly to the consumer or through a farm cooperative.

  3. Any product/species recommended by us must be produced only on the farm, not supplemented with product from other sources.

  4. Any product/species recommended by us must be the animal welfare standards below.

(Products/species not listed by us should be considered to either not meet our animal welfare standards or to be supplemented with product from other sources.)


living outside on pasture,

weather permitting

100% grass-fed, fresh grass

natural weaning


grass-fed with limited grain,

preferably fermented grain


year-round exclusion from pasture


majority of diet from grain

diet including animal (by-)products


sub-therapeutic antibiotics

tail-docking (cattle), dehorning


living outside on pasture for the majority of their lives

shelter available on pasture

organic feed supplemented with

hunting and forage


layers may be kept in a barn with fresh bedding, fresh air and natural light, ability of birds to express natural behaviors and isolate themselves


cages, high stocking densities

lack of engagement, roosts,

or ability of birds to be alone

feed that contains antibiotics,

avian or meat by-products

(hormones are illegal in poultry)



living outside on pasture

shelter available on pasture

diet includes hunting and forage

natural weaning

piglets kept with littermates


indoors with solid floors

clean bedding

engagement that encourages rooting


gestation or farrowing stalls

slatted floors

feed that contains antibiotics, or meat by-products

(hormones are illegal in hogs)

nose rings

teeth-trimming or tail-docking


weaning before 6 weeks

* We may decide to add to, remove or change any of these standards as we acquire more information.

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