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Jarosinski Farms

Sarver, PA

Kevin Jarosinski started farming at the age of 16 with twelve chickens. Now, many years later, he raises laying hens, broiler chickens in the summer, pigs and beef cattle on his 10-acre farm. He strives for sustainability, fertilizing his fields with pig manure and moving his portable chicken coop (AKA "chicken tractor") from paddock to paddock to take care of pests and weeds. He also grows hay, alfalfa and oats for his pigs and cattle. (He harvests the oats before they become a grain.) It's an elegant system and he's proud to run what he calls a "non-certified organic" farm. A recent addition to his farm is a state-inspected poultry processing facility, which has allowed him to eliminate the stressful experience of transport for his chickens that are on the way to slaughter.

What They Raise

• grass-fed beef

• pasture-fed, barn-raised pork

• cage-free eggs

• pastured chicken

How They Do It

• cows raised on pasture, rotationally grazed as weather permits

• non-GMO feed, with some feed grown on the farm

• no hormones or antibiotics

• no farrowing or gestation crating of sows

• no beak-trimming (poultry), tail-docking, or teeth-clipping (pigs)

Where to Buy

• directly from the farm (call 412-398-9813)

• Penn's Corner Farm Alliance online farmstand

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