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Pittsburgher Highland Farm

Mt. Pleasant, PA

Dana O'Connor and Mark Smith raise Scottish Highland cattle on pasture, breeding them with Devon cattle to improve genetic characteristics. The Scottish Highland breed is well-suited to Southwestern Pennsylvania's climate, which allows them to live on pasture year-round. Their operation uses no pesticides or herbicides, and employs minimal use of equipment.

What They Raise

• grass-fed Scottish Highland and Scottish Highland/Devon cross beef

How They Do It

• raised on pasture, 100% grass-fed

• no hormones or steroids

• no subtherapeutic antibiotic use

• no pesticides, herbicides, or commercial fertilizers used on grass or hay

Where to Buy

• Directly from the farm, via email or phone (delivery and pickup options)

Bloomfield Saturday Market

Fox Chapel Farmers Market

More information about Pittsburgher Highland Farm can be found at

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