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Jarosinski Farms Milkhouse

Sarver, PA


We were excited to contribute funds toward the construction of Jarosinski Farms' state-inspected chicken processing facility, which allows Farmer Kevin to improve his chickens' quality of life, as they no longer need to undergo the stress of transport.

We met Kevin Jarosinski when he was first making plans to build a state-inspected processing facility for his broiler chickens. Referred to as a milkhouse, this facility now allows Kevin to personally oversee the welfare of his chickens from start to finish on his farm, and his broiler chickens no longer have to endure the stressful experience of transport to a slaughterhouse many miles away. The Ethical Farming Fund, solely through the support of individual donations, was able to provide energy-efficient windows for the milkhouse.


You can see more of Jarosinski Farm in the Jarosinski Farm Virtual Farm Tour.

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