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Fallen Aspen Farm

Volant, PA

Jake Kristophel and Desiree Sirois founded Fallen Aspen Farm in 2013 in Plain Grove Township. After experience raising just about every species of livestock, Jake and Desiree now focus on pastured pigs and chickens, grass-fed cattle and sheep, and niche crops. Animal welfare is at the core of their husbandry practices. Not only are their animals pastured, but they also breed their own animals, so that they can give them the best life, starting at birth.

What They Raise

• pastured, apple-finished pork

• 100% grass-fed beef

• 100% grass-fed lamb

• pastured chicken

• produce

How They Do It

• raised on pasture, grass-fed

• no hormones or steroids

• no subtherapeutic antibiotic use

• supplemental feed is non-GMO

• no tail-docking or teeth-clipping (pigs)

• pigs are finished on apples year-round, and seasonally on nuts

More information about Fallen Aspen Farm can be found at

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