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Chaganra Farm

Latrobe, PA

Mike Little and his family run a diversified, pasture-based farm with the goal of regenerating the land. Improving the health of the ecosystem means that each animal on the farm has a natural purpose, whether it's fertilizing the field or controlling unwanted pest plants and animals. Chaganra Farm also grow produce, including sweet corn, and offers a meat CSA, providing a wide variety of humanely raised meats to their customers.

What They Raise

• pastured pork

• pastured chicken

• pastured turkey

• pastured eggs

• grass-fed beef

• produce

How They Do It

• raised on pasture, grass-fed

• no hormones or steroids

• no subtherapeutic antibiotic use

• some supplemental feed is non-GMO

• no beak-trimming (poultry), tail-docking, or teeth-clipping (pigs)

Where to Buy

• Meat CSA (see website)

Ligonier Country Market

Murrysville Farmers Market

• Online store (coming soon)

More information about Chaganra Farm can be found at

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