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Conforti Family Farm

Darlington, PA

The land on which Conforti Family Farm sits has been in the Conforti family for three generations. Today, the farm aims for sustainability and community enrichment, offering a CSA in addition to an online farm stand. Free of GMOs, synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, Conforti Family Farm uses natural means to ensure a healthy system, including deploying their birds for controlling insects. They have many plans for expanding the diversity of their operation, and with just a few of their 50 acres in production right now, the future of Conforti Family Farm is quite bright!

What They Raise

• pastured eggs

• pastured chicken

• pastured turkey (for Thanksgiving)

• honey

• produce

How They Do It

• pasture-based

• non-GMO grains for supplemental feed

• no hormones or antibiotics (hormones are illegal in poultry production)

Where to Buy

• Community Support Agriculture (CSA) and online farm stand at

• Pickup locations on the farm or at Two Rivers Olive Oil locations in Beaver and Sewickley.

For more information about the Conforti Family Farm, visit their website at

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