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Old Time Farm

Stoneboro, PA

At Old Time Farm, Shelly Oswald is dedicated to preserving heritage breeds of livestock, which were at one time favored for the flavor, nutrient density, and texture that comes from their natural, slow growth. All of their animals are bred and born on the farm. They raise cattle (American Milking Devon), chickens (Chantecler), and turkeys (Standard Bronze), all on pasture. Old Time Farm is one of two farms in the country whose poultry is certified as standard-bred by the American Poultry Association as well as being Certified Heritage. Old Time Farm's cattle is Certified Grass-fed by the USDA SVS (Small and Very Small) Program.

What They Raise

• 100% grass-fed, pastured beef

• pastured chicken and turkey eggs

• pastured chicken and turkey

How They Do It

• all animals raised outdoors

• additional feed is non-GMO (poultry)

• no gestation or farrowing crates

• no hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics

• no beak-trimming (poultry)

For more information, visit their website at

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