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Pittsburgh Nonprofit Begins Work to Strengthen Local Food

Pittsburgh, PA -- The Ethical Farming Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting sustainable animal farming in Western PA, has announced the launch of the Local Food Chains Project, a two year program designed to make the local food system more sustainable through consumer education and farmer services. The project seeks to connect individual and business consumers that want to support local agriculture with humane livestock farms.

“The Ethical Farming Fund was founded on the vision of a world without factory farms,” says President/CEO and co-founder Hannah Ridge. “This will never happen as long as food from local, humane animal farms is considered niche. We hope to make these products more mainstream and highlight the farmers and vendors that prioritize sustainability. One of the biggest challenges in accessibility of these foods is the price. Our goal in reaching the consumer isn’t to tell them how to eat, but to have them take a closer look at their food. That’s the first step to a more sustainable diet, which would contain less--but more nutritious and sustainable--meat.”

The Local Food Chains Project has much to offer consumers and farmers alike. The Ethical Farming Fund will:

  • Develop infographics and video tutorials will enable and encourage consumers to incorporate more local meat, eggs and dairy into their meals.

  • Increase food system transparency by adding to its existing database of Virtual Farm Tours, expanding the tour feature to Pittsburgh-area restaurants that source meat, eggs or dairy from humane farms in the region.

  • Provide free marketing services to a limited number of farmers to better connect them with potential customers.

  • Collaborate with Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants to establish relationships between local farmers and restaurants/vendors.

About the Ethical Farming Fund: The Ethical Farming Fund is a nonprofit organization that supports and promotes sustainable animal agriculture in Western Pennsylvania. Since 2013, the Ethical Farming Fund has been helping local livestock farmers make their animals happier, educating consumers about the health and environmental benefits of grass-fed and pastured animal products, and bridging the divide between farmers and eaters. For further information, please visit

President/CEO and co-founder Hannah Ridge on a visit to the recipient of their first Farmraiser Grant, the Streets Family Farm in Johnstown.

Vice President and co-founder Tim Trout on a tour of Burns Heritage Farm in Ridgway.


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