Farming With Love

The Ethical Farming Fund started the Farming With Love program to enable Pennsylvanians to improve animal welfare. Farming With Love donors receive T-shirts and reusable tote bags, and 100% of the net proceeds are used to finance our Farmraiser Grants, which fund projects on local farms that improve animal welfare.

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FWL T-Shirt (Available in unisex S-XXL)

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FWL canvas tote bag

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Farming With Love FAQ

How does Farming With Love actually improve animal welfare?

When someone donates to the Farming With Love program, and receives a T-shirt, a bag, or some combination of the two, 100% of the net proceeds from that donation are collected for another Ethical Farming Fund program, the Farmraiser Grant. When enough funds are available, we will announce a request for proposals from local farmers for projects that improve the lives of their animals. Depending on the funding available, one or more of these farms will receive a Farmraiser Grant.

What does "100% of the net proceeds" mean?

A portion of the donation is used to pay for the item itself, so that we can continue to produce them. This proportion depends on how many were ordered, but we try to order big batches to minimize production costs.

How often are Farmraiser Grants awarded?

The frequency and amount is dependent on funding. Our first Farmraiser Grant was the product of a sizable corporate donation. Farming With Love seeks to maintain Farmraiser Grants, but without high costs associated with fundraising events. We are always seeking significant donations to supplement Farming With Love.

How can I place a larger order than is allowed in the Farming With Love "store"?

Please send an email to